Supportability Wireless Maintenance Assistant

SWMA Software: Tailored to Your Application

SWMA's flexible software toolkit is designed to easily interface with legacy applications and workflow, in order to facilitate maintenance and logistics in challenging environments by improving information exchange, user mobility and connectivity. The first version of the SWMA software was designed Specifically for the Maintenance and Logistics Community, and successfully underwent a Military Utility Assessment (MUA) during the Trident Warrior 2009 exercises, proving the value of SWMA software as a key technology for interfacing with legacy systems in a generic manner and providing tremendous manpower savings and with high efficiency and effectiveness.


The SWMA software in every package is customized for specific needs, in order to interface with the systems and programs you use -- providing not just savings and efficiency, but making deployment of your SWMA solution rapid and painless.

For More Information:

  • The SWMA Movie in the multimedia gallery provides usage case examples of SWMA, in-use.
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