Supportability Wireless Maintenance Assistant

SWMA Modernizes the Industrial Base


Developed for the U.S. Navy, the Supportability Wireless Maintenance Assistant (SWMA) provides a ruggedized Tablet PC platform and flexible software toolkit that easily interfaces with legacy applications and workflow. SWMA is designed to facilitate maintenance and logistics in challenging environments by improving information exchange, user mobility and connectivity.


SWMA solutions provide data/applications that users require, when and where they need it -- increasing efficiency and reducing workload while modernizing the industrial base, one application at a time.

Secure enterprise tablet computing-based data management solutions

SWMA software provides portable logistics and maintenance without limits, securing sensitive infomation while providing remote access that facilitates smaller and more efficient work teams.

Rugged, modular, expandable tablets with on-the-fly sensing and tracking attachments to enhance productivity

SWMA-standard MIL-STD 810G tablets, modules and accessories are available for purchase, contact us for more information.